Ben Bracken 19 year old 43% ABV

It has been suggested that the 19yo is most likey Caol ila, and i think it is largely based on output required to satisfy Lidl’s requirements. Bowmore was also a possibility profile wise. This whisky was also bottled by the Clydesdale whisky Co, at 43% ABV


This is darker than mid gold, again a nice thick swirl line and a handful of thick legs. #thewhiskeychaps


Definitely coming across as an Islay dram. The peat is easily found and quite medicinal for me. Germoline, petrachor, and slightly vegetal. Yes to sticky plasters, and fruits are very slowly coming through too. #thewhiskeychaps

The peat does recede some, it’s becoming fainter atm. #thewhiskeychaps


Mouthfeel is improved with this dram, and the peat is there straight away. Cooked bacon, brown sauce, dandelion and burdock, some red apples in the background. Espresso coffee, cough syrup, fisherman’s friends, I’m not short of flavours to pin point. #thewhiskeychaps


Medium long for me, and becoming fruitier. Red berries, and quite a lot of them, Caol ila? Could very well be. #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

Now we hit some peat in a Ben Bracken whisky. This bottle does that “Islay” thing. What i expected to find here was indeed here. But, the flavours are definitely toned down, as i expected. The bottle is a reasonable price for the age of the whisky. I just couldn’t help wondering what it would have been like at say 46% ABV.

Again i think this would be a good introduction into peated whisky for a newcomer. It wont slap the face of a more experienced whisky drinker. It’s a no from me on this bottle. It teased me great things, but didn’t deliver, but it has it’s place.

A big thank you goes out to @Jotterface, @pswhisky, @whiskytip, @mentaldrams and @DavidHaldane for joining us on our tasting this whisky was a part of.

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