Ben Bracken 22yo 40% ABV

ben bracken 22

Bottled in 2016 by Clydesdale Scotch Whisky Company for Lidl supermarkets.

Appearance: Autumn leaves auburn. Many medium/thick legs and a substantial swirl mark. A decent viscosity is evident in the film that clings to the inside of the glass.

Nose: Quite tropical: Pineapple, melon and quite Lilt-like (does anyone remember Cariba?). BBQ meats and smoke come through quite quickly too, with some ashiness and that artificial BBQ smoke flavouring.
Again, as with other BB whiskies, the palate is muted, but not as much with this expression. There’s an ‘end of the night empty nightclub’ aroma going on: mixed drinks, second-hand smoke etc.

Palate: Caramel, smoke, salinity and oak bitterness. Orange peel, milk chocolate and a touch of mint. Could mint Jaffa Cakes be a thing? There’s some blackberry and black pepper now too.

Finish: Short. The black pepper and smoke are most prominent but fade quickly.

Overall: Not for me, it’s not got enough going on and is pretty ‘flat’.

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