Ben Bracken Highland Single Malt 40% ABV

Appearance: Rust/autumnal leaves. Looks crisp and ‘fresh’. Decent viscosity, good glass coverage and plenty of medium legs.

Nose: Lots of confectionary sugar, red apple, chocolate covered raisins., banana and shrimp foam sweets in abundance and vanilla custard.

It’s a very friendly and pleasant nose indeed, although its teetering on the edge of being too sweet and confectionary.

Palate: Not thin, but no real mouthfeel to speak of. Very little ABV hum and the curse of some 40%’ers in tasting watery and overly-diluted.

Very slight Christmas spice in the form of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Some orange peel, tropical fruit salad, butter notes and pancake batter.

Finish: Short to non-existent. Sweetness mostly, those penny sweets return. A touch of the sweet spices too.

Overall: There’s nothing not to like about this whisky, it’s very friendly and a good introduction dram.

For me, it needs a boost and would be lovely at about 46% ABV I believe. A bit more spice to add balance and complexity. All the elements are there but it needs a kick up the arse to really shine.

That said, it’s £17! Well done Lidl.

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