Ben Bracken Highland NAS 40% ABV

Bottled at 40% for Lidl supermarkets.

Appearance: Rust orange, quite an erratic micro-beaded swirl mark. Lots of thin to medium legs form on a thin film.

Nose: This one really noses like a low ABV, almost spring water-like. Muted confectionary sweetness, some vegetal notes and honey. If you really sniff hard, there’s some ethanol too!
The sweetness grows more than the other notes (again), but never really amounts to much. There’s a soft earthy element, like soil.

Palate: Very thin on the nose, a little chemical-heavy too. Vanilla, honey, a little black pepper and a little nuttiness. A few dark fruit notes such as blackberry and plum, but all are muted.

Finish: Short and diluted. Faint orange boiled sweet, some icing sugar and white pepper.

Overall: Too muted and uninteresting. Again, it’s £18 so I wasn’t expecting greatness, but I was expecting more than this to be honest.

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