Ben Nevis 13yo sherry barrel (AD Rattray) 58.2%

Ben Nevis 13yo sherry barrel AD Rattray


Lightish gold, damp straw in colour, the thick swirl line beads up immediately and drops thick slow legs. #thewhiskeychaps


Yes, the nose I’ve come to know this evening, foresty and fruity, dark fruits predominantly, cloves and figs, it’s also dusty, I was going to say hazelnuts, @whiskeychap just did, and liquorice again. #thewhiskeychaps


Again decent arrival, and it’s instantly spicy. Ben Nevis spirit loves a good ex Sherry cask that’s for sure, it soaks up those spicy stewed dark fruits, it’s bold and well rounded too. Black coffee, cloves, raisins, figs and blackcurrants. #thewhiskeychaps

Black currants and pontefract cakes, lots of red berries, nicely balanced with oak, leading to dandelion and burdock, ginger cake and Black Forest gateau, so much fruit. #thewhiskeychaps


Quite long and thoroughly dark fruit soaked, toasted tea cakes, Nutella, cigar leaves, and the spices really linger , chest warming too. #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

My 2nd favourite Ben Nevis bottling from our 4 samples. It only just misses top spot, and it has loads going on flavour wise. This is a great example of just how good Ben Nevis can be, they have opened my eyes tbh, i will look at Ban Nevis whisky differently now, especially the ex sherry cask bottles, they are just so bold and full.

Bottle image courtesy of @whiskeychap.

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