Ben Nevis 16yo sherry butt (Old Malt Cask) 50.0%

Ben Nevis 16yo sherry butt Old Malt Cask


Mid gold in colour, the medium thick swirl line drops quite thick legs. #thewhiskeychaps


The nose starts off quite foresty for me, red berries, dunnage, milky coffee too atm. #thewhiskeychaps

It’s becoming quite sweet now, a dusting of caster sugar, green grapes with very faint menthol, yes the red berries too, cereals, and now an oiliness is coming through, it’s developing a fair bit tbh. #thewhiskeychaps

    ben nevis whisky logo


    Nice mouthfeel, and the palate is a mix of toasted tea cakes, chocolate coated Turkish delight, a little drying, dark chocolate, prunes and figs, faint root ginger, and leaning towards espresso tbh. #thewhiskeychaps

    I have to say it is quite a fruity dram in general, there are some tannins here, it’s becoming spicier with time too, black pepper as @whiskeychap suggested, and a flash of floral perfume. #thewhiskeychaps


    Not particularly long in length, but the spices do linger longer. This is sweet syrup sweetened black coffee with cigar leaves, cinnamon, vanilla and strawberry laces at the end. #thewhiskeychaps

    My thoughts

    In general this is a pretty good dram, not a bad version of Ben Nevis, but also not the best. I enjoyed the aromas and flavours, but i tasted better on the tasting that this was a part of, so it isn’t one i’d purchase, but i’m very pleased that i got to try it.

    Bottle image courtesy of @whiskeychap.

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