Benriach 11yo Peated Port Pipe Cask #4833 60.8% ABV

Benriach 11yo Peated Port Pipe SC

“This peated Benriach whisky has been bottled from a single port pipe, cask #4833, after 11 years maturation and released in Benriach’s Batch 17 editions. This port pipe produced a hefty 863 bottles, all with natural colour and at cask strength.” – Royal Mile Whiskies

Appearance: A lovely dark orange/Tizer. Plenty of quick-forming medium legs, cover the glass when swirled. A jagged and medium-thick swirl mark clings onto the glass.

Nose: Sweet bonfire smoke is noticeable from some distance, especially when agitated (the whisky, not me!).
Nosing closer and the ABV is immediately evident, a heady alcohol wave wafts over and through the nostrils, into the throat.
BBQ’d jammy blackberries and plums, some lighter, more mellow vanilla custard notes and some spice notes too.
Once the glass has matured there’s a proper funk that forms, which I’m always a fan of. It’s like over-ripe, verging on fermenting fruit.

Palate: Wooomppff, that’s the ABV! The immediate hit of spice and eucalyptus seeks out and warms the chest quickly. There’s some drying in the throat, but it’s faint.
The blackcurrant and bonfire smoke elements are consistent and joined by an orange note, as well as some herbal flavours.
Once the initial hit of spice dies down, there’s a flavour similar to caramelised steak (think reverse-seared). It adds real bite and depth to the latter part of the palate, towards the finish.

Finish: Medium to long.
Smoke, blackberries and a tingling spicy/minty element. The drying (almost numbing) does linger a bit too long for my personal tastes but it doesn’t impact much on the overall experience.

Overall: A well-balanced punchy and sweet whisky, what’s not to like!?
I love these ‘no holds barred’ high ABV whiskies, especially those finished in such a way. This is a real treat and I’d recommend it highly.

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