Benriach 16 year old 43% ABV

Benriach 16

This relaunched bottling was matured for at least sixteen years in a trio of casks; bourbon barrels, sherry and virgin oak.

Appearance: Apple Juice gold. A thick beaded swirl line appears with plenty of medium to thick trails. Some large droplets.

Nose: Expectedly light on the ethanol, lots of confectionary sweetness, icing sugar coated orchard fruits, honey, vanilla and chocolate caramel. It’s a very pleasant nose indeed. Some oak notes appear after some nosing, adding some balance to the sweeter elements. The chocolate aroma also builds as the dram matures.

Palate: Roasted salted peanuts, butter, dark chocolate, oak, cinnamon, faint liquorice and black pepper. Wheat digestive biscuits, a little astringency and some white grape. I’m not as much of a fan of the palate, it’s a little confused and that astringent edge isn’t pleasant.

Finish: Short to medium. Some sweetness, black pepper and a little chemical tasting.

Overall: The nose is so sweet and friendly but the palate let’s this dram down somewhat with the astringent flavour. Not for me.

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