Benriach 8 yr old, 1st fill Marsala cask, from Cask Share.

cask share tasting

This whisky was tasted as part of the @newdramdrinker CO’s tasting with Cask Share on 21/11/21

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We build relationships with some of the best distilleries to give you access to the finest Single Cask Scotch Whisky. Our relationships stretch far and wide, each master distiller with their own ingredients, their own way of doing things.

Cask Share


We have a whisky that’s damp straw in colour, with a thick syrupy swirl line that immediately beads up into medium thick legs and several very slow moving teardrops.


First impression is one of lots of sweetness here, loads of tropical and stoned fruits, with icing sugar sweetness, lemon bon bons bring some zest, and light pencil shavings add some wood.

More time in the glass brings lemonade, a faint tobacco aroma, and it’s slowly becoming spicy. Vanilla pastries, white pepper, and cranberries too now. There’s also a spring water aroma here.


Initially even though this is a cask strength whisky it’s very approachable, there is definitely spice coming through with white pepper and then honey, custard cream biscuits , cinnamon and latte coffee.

More time and darker flavours come through, leaning towards stewed dark fruits, mince pie filling, a little bitterness with pomelo and chillis, linseed oil, and wood varnish, it develops rather nicely.


Long side of medium in length, Warmingly spicy, and much like the palate to be honest. The slight bitter flavours are more dark chocolate now, and orange zest.

My thoughts

I can’t say iv’e tried too many BenRiach whiskies, but i have enjoyed the few i have tried. This 1st fill Marsala cask (i do love Marsala cask whisk(e)y) has had a super impact on the spirit it’s containing, initially starting so sweet and developing so well. The guys from Cask Share were saying that this particular sample has been a favourite across other tastings, and i can see why, it’s lovely stuff, that i’d definitely have a bottle of.

Notes – This sample is non chill filtered, natural in colour and at natural cask strength.

Cask Share’s website can be found here. You can sign up as a New dram drinker CO here.

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