Benriach 9yo 2008 Peated/Port Cask (cask 2047) 63.2% ABV


Batch 14 of the BenRiach single cask selection includes the BenRiach 9-Year-Old 2008 (cask 2047). This edition of the ambitious Speyside single malt collection is non-chill filtered and natural colour. This was aged for nine years after being distilled with peated malts on March 18, 2008, and is one of only two in the whole collection to be aged in a Port pipe. It also has the highest ABV of the collection, at 63.2 per cent, 838 bottles were filled.

Appearance: Oak with an extra Auburn hue. A pleasing corrugated oily film of medium/, thick legs encircles the inside of the glass. There are a few sporadic teardrops also.

Nose: Wow, the peat and port marry beautifully to form a heavenly sweet smokey note that is so inviting. There’s plenty of depth and richness to this nose. The ABV is definitely evident but carried well and not overbearing, allowing me to nose unencumbered. Ginger, blackcurrant and chargrilled tropical fruits.

Palate: Oozy thick mouthfeel, full of sweet peat smoke and BBQ glazed pork ribs. The Sweetness graduates into full on jammy blackberries dusted with black pepper. The ABV on the palate is beautifully weighted and compliments the flavours well. There is a herbal quality to the palate, it’s subtle and dominated by the sweeter smokey elements, but it’s there, again, balancing nicely. The slightest drying is noted right at the end and into the finish. The spicy notes increase, as the dram matures, into mild chilli and white pepper.

Finish: The lovely sweet BBQ sticky ribs, jammy sweet blackberries and black pepper.

Overall: A lovely drop. Well-balanced lovely flavour elements. It’s a great pour!

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