Benriach peated rum cask 2005 UK exclusive 14yr old, cask #7553, 52.6% ABV.

benriach peated rum cask

Appearance – This whisky is a lighter straw in colour, very viscous, and has slow very thick legs.

Nose – There is a bit of an ABV slap here, with bbq bacon, germoline, cream soda, icing sugar, tobacco leaves, and sultanas. Red berries starting to come through a little later, and it’s getting sweeter, still bbq bacon though.

Palate – A loverly mixture of bbq bacon and icing sugar, very oily on the lips, sweet lemon, peach, and bonfire ash.

My thoughts – I rather enjoyed this to be honest but, rum cask? There isn’t much in the way of a rum cask influence, if a peated rum cask is exactly what your after, this may disappoint you.

Would I buy a bottle? – No, for the simple reason that it doesn’t deliver in my humble opinion what it says on the label, you wouldn’t buy a tin of grey paint to open it up and find blue instead.

Notes – I believe this bottle is non chill filtered and natural colour.

Thanks to – The Blind Tasting consortium and @TheWhiskyNovice (Twitter).

Picture credit – Royal Mile Whiskies.

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