Benrinnes 12yr old, 55.4% ABV, Whisky broker, (blind tasted).


Appearance – This whisky is wet straw/lemon in colour, it beads up on the swirl line, and has slow thick legs.

Nose – Theres high ABV on the nose, I’m getting some cream soda sweetness, and then darker fruits, sultanas, currants, figs, definitely Christmas pudding, and a savoury meats note, slightly smokey? And with time it becomes sweeter.

Palate – Ooooh, there’s quite a lot of honey and pepper, I’ll definitely go dark chocolate orange here, a tinge of bitterness, black pepper, I would even say coffee. Then Cherry lozenges, icing sugar, plenty of oak, chilli heat, black liquorice, and getting spicier, it’s very nice. This is a dark and very spicy palate, and it builds up.

Finish – It’s a loverly long and warming finish, peppery, cinnamon, paprika and oak, very nice.

My thoughts – This was tasted blind, and I really enjoyed it, turns out it was the first Benrinnes I’d ever tasted.

Would I buy a bottle – There’s so much going on in this whisky, and it’s a very spicy drop, I found it delightful, so it’s a yes for me.

Notes – This whisky is natural in colour and non chill filtered.

Thanks to – @Gordonsmith (Twitter).

Picture credit – The Grand whisky auction.

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