Benrinnes 13yr old, 56.7% ABV.

benrinnes 13yr old

American Oak Koval Bourbon Barrel Finish #310411 – Distilled September 2007/ Bottled February 2021.

Tasted as party of the @TweetTastings for @whisky_cellar on twitter on 31/3/2021.


This whisky is light gold in colour, it beads up on the swirl line, and is nice and syrupy with very slow medium legs.


Almonds and hazelnuts, marzipan, foam bananas and sweet pineapple kick off the nose. Toast, eucalyptus and peach melba slowly come to the fore. Floral notes, meadow flowers too, and apricots finish it off. It is a lovely nose in my opinion, very welcoming.


Another lovely fruity/spice fusion, with hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, cinnamon and cherryade. There is a little drying, natural strawberries, no sugar, tropical fruits definitely with some cranberries. Ginger and high cocoa content dark chocolate bring the spice, and some salinity on the tip of the tongue brings the palate to a close.


Quite a long finish, very fruity, nutty, dark chocolate, a little herbaceous, can’t be more specific. Chocolate orange is also here as I think @MaltMusings said. Oak, char, and black peppercorns round it off nicely.

My thoughts

I really enjoyed this dram, the nuttiness is lovely. Fruits are here in abundance, and the development into spice is very nice. I have really come to understand and enjoy Benrinnes whisky over the past couple of years, this is a great example of what they produce.

Would i buy a bottle?

It has to be a yes for aromas and flavours for me. It is a lovely balanced dram that develops very nicely, it has everything i’d expect from a Benrinnes whisky, and is of very good quality.

Thanks to – @whisky_cellar, @Tweettastings, @TheWhiskyWire and @ReviewsWhisky (all Twitter, and can be followed below.)

Image credit – @TheWhiskyWire.

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