Beverbach 43% ABV

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This is a single malt from the Hardenberg Distillery in Lower Saxony in northwest Germany. It’s double distilled from malted wheat and barley and aged in first fill bourbon casks, the whiskey is finished in barrels which previously held brandy.


Light gold in colour, white wine I’d say, with a lovely thick swirl line and thick viscous legs.


Comes across higher than 43% ABV I think, with cereals and grains. There’s a slight perfume note in here, and i’m going with a slight tropical fruit note at the moment, though I think it’s going to open up more yet.

Yes I’m getting green apple skins, wood varnish, linseed oil, sandalwood, and it’s a little herbaceous too for me. I’m going to add cherries now, it’s also becoming dusty, and a pastry note is coming through now also.

I expected a certain profile here, and found something else, it caught me out a bit to be honest, though I like what I am getting.


The savoury kind of pastry is here, cinnamon crowns and custard tarts, and a decent mouthfeel for me too. Quite spicy now, with ginger root, cardamom, anise, nutmeg, and there is a dark fruit feel too, dates, and cloves, with dark chocolate coated raisins.

With more time i find cask char, dark chocolate Orange, blood oranges, and black pepper, but it’s not overly peppery.


I’m thinking long side of medium in length, and there is indeed an icing sugar sweetness coming through, it’s well balanced with spice and savoury flavours.

My thoughts

To be honest i came to this whisky with a feeling of how it would smell and taste, and i was wrong, which is always a wonderful surprise for me. It’s a mix of malted wheat and barley, and i thought it would be quite mellow, again no.

We’re offered a whiskey here which develops so much in the glass, and is very well balanced, the sweet/spicy and slight bitterness all come through beautifully, and none of them overpower the others. All in all i think this is a cracking whisky, and i’m so pleased iv’e gotten to try it, my first German whisky.

Would i buy a bottle?

Coming in at around the £50-55 mark i’d say it’s a good buy to be honest, iv’e really enjoyed it and would definitely buy a bottle. I don’t think it wold last too long either.

Thanks to – Phil/@ingo74 for getting this whisky out to us.

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