Bimber Oloroso batch 4 51.2% ABV

This Bimber Bimber Oloroso Cask Single Malt London Whisky is Batch No.4, bottled 22nd March 2021. Matured in ex-bourbon oak casks then finished in an Oloroso Sherry Butt.
Limited to 975 bottles and bottled at natural cask strength 51.2%

This was my first glass from a freshly opened bottle, so I’m hoping the whisky contained in the second glass is a different beast. I’ve only heard good things about this batch, so have confidence it will get better in the opened bottle.

Appearance: Light tea, an orange tinge. Semi oily coating runs off quite quickly in the form of thin/medium legs.

Nose: An abundance of petrichor is what strikes me most on the nose. Mixed nuts and faint dark fruits, some honey and vanilla.
There is some wood influence on the nose too. Cherry, mustard seed, riverbank freshness, like a babbling brook.

Palate: like the appearance, light viscosity on the delivery. Lots of oak, lots of sulphur and lots of black and white pepper.
There’s also a slight numbing on the tongue, accompanied by some dryness.
There is sweetness from the sherry cask, but it’s dominated by a considerable chilli heat, unfortunately.

Finish: Spicy Chilli heat, a sulphurous edge and a touch of cherry sweetness, but nowhere near enough for my liking.

Overall: Not for me. Way too much spice and heat and not nearly enough sweetness or viscosity. I really wanted to love this, but didn’t. I don’t like the dominance of the chilli heat or that sulphur.

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