Bimber Southport whisky festival 2020 release 59.3% ABV (Blind tasted).

bimber spwf 2020
blind tasting consortium 18

Tasted during the Blind Tasting Consortium’s 18th session on 5-2-22, in which Damian – @newdramrising picked the bottles.


Damp straw in colour, medium thick swirl line that beads up immediately and drops swift thin legs.


WOW! that made my eyes water. Jelly lemon shaped sweets with the sugar coating, I’m getting some super red fruits/berries coming through, dried straw, medium sweet perfume, wine gums, and fragrant wood, nice nose tbh.


This is so new make like, deliciously fruity, from apricots and peaches to cranberries and pomegranates, icing sugar, cough candy, and becoming very spicy indeed. Chill powder, paprika, nutmeg, grapefruit, got to be close to 60% ABV.


All the stuff from the palate, sooooo spicy for me, with tropical fruits, starburst, and perhaps some ginger.

My thoughts

I have a love of New make spirit, it excites me. The direction the distillery are going is laid bare in their New make spirit. But most of all i love the flavours and aromas in the raw distillate, and can see why other do too.

This whisky is in the balance between New make spirit flavours and the casks affects on it. There are super fruity notes, lots of spice, and some more mature slightly bitter notes. I thought this was young, and i really like it, partly due tom the fact that i enjoy fruity/confectionery drams. I gave this a 4 out of 5, and i still feel the same way about it, youthful and very enjoyable in my humble opinion.

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