Black & Gold 11 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey 45%ABV

black and gold bourbon

Black & Gold is produced by an unnamed distillery in Tennessee. It is made from selected grain & malts and matured for 11 years in slowly-charred hand-selected barrels.

Appearance: Lovely and dark. Oaky dried fruits in colour. A tempting oily coating on the glass with plenty of medium to thick legs.

Nose: Masses of caramel, cherries in syrup, peanuts, vanilla (the proper Cornish stuff!) and brown sugar. There’s also almost a wine influence aroma with a rich earthiness and slight astringency.
The ABV presents higher than the 45% on the label. Personally, I really like the ABV balance in this one. The heat and slight spice balance the caramel and cherries nicely.
As the glass matures, a more Christmas spice and fruits side comes through. Cinnamon, cardamom, clove-studded dried orange and buttery dried fruit panettone.
Great start!

Palate: Wow, great delivery! Lovely and oily like silk. Blood orange, those Christmas spices, orange chocolate and cherry-ripple vanilla ice cream.
The more mellow buttery cake elements show up on the palate too, I like that they’re consistent throughout as they add a lovely comforting side to the whiskey.
The ABV tingle on the tongue is just right. It doesn’t interfere with the flavours at all but is ever-present and complimentary.
There’s an ever-so-slight copper coin tang, but it’s hardly traceable.

Finish: Those luxurious buttery notes along with the orange, cherry and chocolate longer for a medium amount of time. Very moreish!

Overall: I’d put this up against bourbons twice its price and be confident that it could not only hold its own but probably win in taste tests.
It’s awesome.
Exceptional for under £50!

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