Blair Athol 11yr old, 59.1% ABV, The Sipping Shed.

Blair ATHOL 11yr old.

The Sipping Shed exists for the love of whisky. The history, the places, the people, the process, the unforgettable taste… the story of whisky. We wanted to tell that story our way, with our whisky and so The Sipping Shed was born…


Appearance – This more of a mid gold in colour, again very viscous, and thick syrupy legs.

Nose – Musty, tropical and stoned fruits, cinnamon, black pepper, fruit cocktail syrup, and again I’m getting some menthol too. Lots of black cherries coming through now, toast, flan base.

Palate – Yes very oily tbh, tropical fruits, stoned fruity, very warming, sweet liquorice, caramel, a little white pepper, minimal menthol.

Finish – It’s quite long, initially fruits but gives way to oak, white pepper, more nuts, chill spice, and it gets spicier @gordonsmith63.

My thoughts – Another cracker of a dram, I’ve not tried many Blair Athol whiskies, but this one is superb, i love the nuttiness it brings with it, not something i get very often in whiskies, very nice indeed.

Would i buy a bottle? – Oh yes definitely, it is a cracking whisky to be honest, a superb example of a Blair Athol.

Many thanks to – Dan Hipshon, founder of The Sipping Shed.

Notes – This bottling is presented in its natural colour, non chill filtered, and at cask strength.

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