Blair Athol 12yo Flora & Fauna 43% ABV

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Appearance: Deep gold with a tangerine hue. Lots of medium legs quickly form and ooze back to the surface

Nose: Immediately that spring water freshness. A decent amount of alcohol hit for the ABV, quite surprising! Some confectionary sugar and barley sweets. It’s odd, the strength of the aromas and ABV come in waves, not consistent.
It’s a sweet one for me, there are spice notes too, cinnamon, nutmeg and some orange peel. It’s that foam sweets mixture for me again. Ye Old Sweet Shop!
Getting strawberry milkshake. That creamier fruit aroma, I like it so far!
There are some woody notes in the mix too, faint, but there.

Palate: Nice mouthfeel, spicier than I’d have thought, but quickly followed by jammy fruits, a touch of menthol and plums crumble.
Some liquorice, more of those sweeter spices, a touch of green apple? and a buttery side too. Some grapefruit bitterness at the back of the mouth, edging towards tropical fruitiness

Finish: Black pepper and mild chilli. Red wine berryness and a touch of lemon bitterness #thewhiskeychaps

Empty glass: Fruit cake, forest floor

Overall: Very nice indeed, would purchase for sure. Nicely balanced and the sweet shop elements get me every time.

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