Blanton’s original Single barrel bourbon 46.5% ABV

The original single-barrel bourbon, from one of America’s most popular producers, first introduced in 1984. Matured in American white oak barrels.

The Whisky Exchange


Mid gold in colour, with an apricot and copper hue. The swirl line is thick on my steamed tulip glass, and it drops several thick legs.


Initially I’m getting peppery hardwood, then dusty menthol, old style bubblegum with red cherries, it’s a little foresty too.

With time cereals come to the fore, hot mashed potato, and seared pineapple, and it starts to come across something like we’ll toasted bread.


The mouthfeel is medium thick, and it’s instantly spicy, very spicy actually, but it’s paired with a wonderful sweetness at the same time. One holds the other in balance perfectly. 

The spices are cinnamon, vanilla, black pepper, and it’s almost aniseed too. The sweetness come across as stoned fruits and fruit cocktail syrup. More time and I’m getting bread dough, pancake batter, then pontefract cakes, raisins, cough mixture, espresso coffee, and tree bark.


The finish is long side of medium in length, and the spicy/sweet combo continues at the same strength. It’s quite chest warming too tbh.

My thoughts

This is my first try of a Blanton’s Bourbon whiskey. Iv’e seen them around on social media and online spirits websites for a good while. I have to say i rather enjoyed it. Iv’e been lucky enough to try what i think are better bourbons, but iv’e tried far worse also. The nose and palate give what you’d expect, and more than enough to keep me entertained.

Now, it comes in at around £110, and that’s my only gripe with this whiskey. For flavour, i’d buy one, for price, i’m afraid not, there are other whiskies i’d purchase before getting back to this one.

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