Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, 5yrs old, Distilled In Campbeltown 58.9% ABV (A.D.Rattray).

campbeltown blend

This whisky was part of the Twitter tasting on the 23rd of September 2021of an A.D.Rattray Cask Collection tasting set, with The Whisky Wire. (Twitter follow buttons can be found at the bottom of this review.)

First fill Bourbon barrel #13, and available in October 2021 for £54.



Very light gold, damp straw in colour, with a lovely thick swirl line and reluctantly drops thick legs #ADRattrayWhisky


Pine needles and foresty initially for me, then a sweet caster sugar note comes through. Funkiness, a word i very rarely use as a tasting note, does describe this nose well. Raw linseed treated cricket bats, slightly meaty, lots of wood, and it’s rather enticing tbh. #ADRattrayWhisky

With more time i’m getting tropical fruit, and more oiliness, toasted tea cakes, and grapefruit #ADRattrayWhisky


Warmingly spicy with caramel and caramac bars, and oily again. White pepper is joined by vanilla custard, then darker and more spicy notes, pontefract cakes, anise, black treacle, mocha, and lovely liquorice allsorts #ADRattrayWhisky

With more time the the mouthfeel becomes more viscous, who knew a blend could be so good (he says tongue in cheek).


Long side of medium in length, continued spiciness, super warming, with lemon tea, black coffee, anise, cherry crumble, white pepper, and Jamaican ginger cake, very nice indeed tbh. #ADRattrayWhisky

My thoughts

I didn’t know what to expect here, but of the 5 whiskies tasted during this evening this was the most enticing for me, and i wasn’t the only one in all honesty. I really do enjoy Blended Malt whiskies, iv’e found some better than others, and i fell for this one, it’s another winner from A.D.Rattray for me.

Notes – This whisky is presented in it’s natural colour, is non chill filtered and bottled at natural cask strength.

Thanks to – A.D.Rattray Independent whisky company, and The Whisky Wire, for the opportunity to sample this whisky.

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