Blind Dram 1 – Defilement Blended whisky aged 40 years 46.2% ABV

Defilement Blended whisky40

Initially tasted blind as part of the ‘BlindDrams BTC40’ Twitter tasting. Aged for 40 years and blended back with other whiskies of the same origin at a higher strength and bring it back over the 40% ABV threshold.

Appearance: Lager amber with a faint pink hue. Quite a thin swirl line initially beaded but soon morphing into many long teardrops. After a while, the semi-viscous film becomes corrugated with medium trails.

Nose: A decent hit from the ABV, so I’d say mid 50’s where the ABV is concerned. Confectionary sugar and bourbon notes: caramel, oak and vanilla. Some more mellow ice cream-esque and caramel bananas aromas appear as my nose acclimates to that initial ethanol hit. Barley sweets and red apples appear as the dram matures. There’s a dank cellar and an old book element too.

Palate: A semi-oily mouthfeel. The ABV didn’t hit as hard as the nose would suggest (not a bad thing). Vanilla raspberry ripple ice cream, honey, and caramel. There’s a slight astringency, which I’m not that fond of but the sweeter elements are nice. Oak and subtle spices: cinnamon, black pepper, and a dusting of white pepper. A little blood orange lingers in the background too.

Finish: The oak, vanilla, honey and spices all last for a medium length of time.

Overall: Not quite to my tastes, a little astringent and muddled. The sweet notes are nice though and I like the creamy vanilla element.

Rating blind: 2 out of 5

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