Blind Dram 4 – Balvenie The Week Of Peat 14yo 48.3% ABV

balvenie-14-year-old-the-week-of-peat-whisky copy

Initially tasted blind as part of the ‘BlindDrams BTC40’ Twitter tasting. This 14-year-old, peaty single malt Scotch whisky, one of three releases in The Balvenie Stories range, was inspired by Ian Millar, distillery manager at Balvenie, to install a peat burner. For one week each year, the distillery created peated whisky using Speyside peat, resulting in expressions that introduce fragrant smoke notes to the classic Balvenie flavour profile.

Appearance: light gold. A micro-beaded swirl line with a creased film around the glass. Thin trails form quickly. After a while, the swirl line thickens slightly and forms many teardrops.

Nose: A little alcohol hit. Meaty ashy smoke, ginger cake, sugar crystals, and baking spices. Some faint citrus and pepper. Some vanilla and honey elements, along with wheat biscuits. Some tropical notes come forward after a while, along with furniture polish.

Palate: A little thin. Smouldering orange peel, ashy smoked meat, and creamy vanilla. Pepper-dusted milk chocolate, sour cherries, and icing sugar. It’s a little drying on the tongue and tastes a little young. A little salinity and that citrus element show up too.

Finish: medium to long. Blood orange bitterness, vanilla, black pepper, and dark chocolate. There’s a mild chilli tingle that lasts for ages.

Overall, I quite like this one, but it’s still not amazing. There are some lovely elements, but they don’t quite meld as well as I’d like.

Rating blind: 3 out of 5

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