3rd BLIND Tasting Notes x 3

whisky blind tasting

We held our third blind tasting last night on Twitter. The samples were kindly supplied by @RockNRolla60 and we were told nothing about them, there wasn’t even an underlying theme!

The following notes are taken directly from Tweets from the night, each whisky’s identification is beneath the corresponding notes.

Dram 1

Appearance: OK, Dram 1 appearance: It’s the darkest of the 3 samples, yet still only just reaching honey gold. Good coating on the glass, nice legs #thewhiskeychaps

Nose: It’s got a lovely nose. Plenty of sweet red apples, honey and confectionary sugar. When I first poured it, there was a lot of banana, but that appears to have reduced as the glass matures. Hang on, no, the bananas are still there, just needed to take the glass away for a few seconds. A little hay now, quite orchard-like. Very nice indeed so far! It’s actually quite new-makey, berries and such. Is this quite a young one?

Palate: On the palate: A little more herbal than the nose would suggest. There’s still plenty of sweetness though. Nice mouthfeel too, quite oily and coats the palate nicely. A touch metallic at the back of the palate, I want to say this tastes young too, but I don’t want to make a tit of myself. Balls to it, it tastes young too. Slightly drying now, on the back of the tongue. The herbal element grows as you drink.

Finish: Short metallic finish. Herbs also. There’s a touch of sweetness lingering at the end, but it’s slowly disappeared as the drinking progresses. I’ve just realised that there’s been a toffee element, present all the way through too.

Overall: Overall the nose was the highlight for me. The palate was decent but maybe a touch too herbal and metallic. It’s a nice dram, not sure I’d buy a bottle.

The New Glencadam Reserva Andalucia 46% Sherry/Bourbon Blended Together Finished In An Oloroso Sherry Cask

Dram 2

Appearance: Dram 2 appearance: White wine, light gold. Again, coats the glass well.

Nose: On the nose, dram two has more of an ethanol hit, higher ABV. Sweetshop sugars, tropical fruits, particularly watermelon and honey. Again, lovely nose! I think there’s apple again, but it’s still masked by the ethanol. There’s also a funk!! Reminds me of refresher bars, as you bite through to the sherbert.

Palate: On the palate, it’s lovely and chocolatty. Really nice and, dare I say, smoooooth! hahah This has a lovely depth, feels luxurious and the (hopefully) higher ABV works very well with the balance of flavours going on. I don’t get the heat yet, but liking this one. There are herbs on the palate of this one too, now starting to get the heat, not so much chilli, more black pepper. Just reminds me of a spiked hot chocolate! Love it!

Finish: Finish is the spiciest part. Full of pepper (both) and that chilli is turning up too! This could be a ‘dangerous night in front of the fire’ type bottle.

Overall: Very nice, a luxurious feel to this, coupled with the wonderful ABV hit that lets you know you’re drinking something serious!

The SMWS 135.22 Beautiful Bizarre 10 yrs Loch Lomond (Inchmoan) 59.9%

Dram 3

Appearance: Lightest of the 3, a shade off colourless, lemon squash. Fairly viscous

Nose: Coastal, plenty of salinity, smoke and a touch medicinal. There might also be some cask finishing going on too? I’d say quite low ABV and fairly young too? I’d be tempted to go for Islay, but I think I’d be wrong. Lots of cereals and malt on the nose now too. Quite a complex nose, once you get passed the initial smoke and salt.

Palate: The palate is lighter and sweeter than I’d have thought from the nose, which is a nice surprise! Plenty of honey, some jam and ‘something’ else that I’m struggling to place. Concentrated custard at the back of the tongue??! It’s like chocolate ice cream with salted butterscotch sauce. Scampi fries is an awesome shout!
This is growing on me, as I drink, the salinity and smokey BBQ flavours are being outshone by the sweeter sticky dessert elements. This is evolving beautifully #thewhiskeychaps

Finish: The finish is a continuation of the evolving sweetness. There’s still the backdrop of the BBQ smoke and coast elements, but the lasting memory is of the sweet dessert flavours. Lovely!

Overall: I love it when you come across a whisky that grows and morphs in the glass as much as this does. Starting off with medicinal, coastal and meaty BBQ qualities, then moving onto more sweet pudding flavours that evoke the memory of ice creams and sticky sauces. Then there’s Scampi Fries! I don’t know why, but Compass Box springs to mind

The Peated Glenturret Ruadh Maor 8 yrs 47.5% Released By Carn Mor

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