Blind Tasting: Octomore. 6.1 57% ABV


Tasted blind and revealed to be Blind Tasting: Octomore. 6.1. 57% ABV. All notes are prior to the reveal.

Appearance: Lager in colour, quite light. Thin swirl mark lining the glass with plenty of medium legs.

Nose: Ooh, on the nose there’s heaps of BBQ smoke, meats and sweet smokey BBQ sauce. Quite an ABV hit with this one. Bitter dark chocolate, fresh coffee and a hint of river water (not in a bad way).

Palate: Lovely. Such a pleasing delivery! Butter smooth, those smokey/meaty and chocolate notes continue on the palate, which is satisfying.

Finish: Some spice heat, sweet smoke and meats still linger. Medium in length.

Overall: Love it, a very pleasing balance of smokey and sweet. Definitely to my tastes!

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