Bomberger’s Declaration 2020 54% ABV

bombergers declaration 2020

Named after the previous iteration of the distillery of Michter’s. Bomberger’s Declaration made whiskey in Pennsylvania up until the 1990’s, when the distillery closed and later re-opened in Kentucky under the Michter’s name. The 2020 release was bottled at 54% ABV with a limited outturn of 955 bottles.

First tasted as part of our Christmas 2021 tasting, along with Shenk’s Homestead 2020 and Michters 10yo Sib.

Appearance: Identical to the Shenk’s Homestead 2020: Dark Mahogony and a touch of that tangerine colour. Olive oil viscosity clings for an age to the glass. Thick legs for days!

Nose: Big Abv wave, followed by dark and dried fruits, caramel, cherries in syrup, damp vegetation and nutmeg dusted orange peel.

There’s a eucalyptus coolness to the nose too, like very mild Vicks.

Palate: Very thick mouthfeel, immediately concentrated cherries in syrup (maybe cordial), thickly-buttered toast, Summer honey, Christmas spices and a sherry cask note too.

As the glass matures there are some wood notes that come through, along with an almost light sweet smokiness (maybe that sherry cask-like flavour developing).

When we tried this on the tasting a few days ago, we all agreed that it needed a few drops of water. Problem was that adding just a few seemed to have no effect at all!

Finish: Cherry cordial, sherry cask sweetness and slight smokiness, Christmas spices and clove-studded oranges.

Overall: On the tasting, I mentioned that this was the first whiskey that I’ve ever thought REALLY needed water, however, tasting it a couple of days later and I much prefer it to that dram?! It’s actually quite fantastic!

It’s Shenk’s Homestead 2020 on steroids but not as out of control as it was just a few days ago??

It’s REALLY good.

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