Brabazon series 1 – Sherry Cask 49.5% ABV

Brabazon series 1 – Sherry Cask (49.5% ABV) celebrates the spirits of the Liberties area of Dublin where Teeling is based. It has been aged entirely in sherry casks, with 5% from 2001, 5% from 2002, and 30% each from 2005, 2007 and 2008

Appearance: Light in colour, almost white wine’esque! Viscous, sticks to the glass nicely, good legs


Sweet sherry soaked smouldering sawdust straight away. This is a lovely nose, not overpowering and offering some really nice aromas, set free from the minimal ethanol.
It’s quite delicate on the nose for sure, well balanced and ‘deliberate’ if that makes sense?!

Balloon rubber now, foam bananas and undercurrents of other traditional penny sweets

Palate: Wood and spice on the palate. Makes the chest sit up and take notice! There is the sweetness fromt he sherry influence too though! Nice mouthfeel, quite buttery

Finish: Spicy with chili hit. There’s a metallic twang at the back of the tongue, possibly from the wood influence (sounds weird, but I know what I mean!). Sweetness is the last lingering flavour before it dissipates

Overall: Wood and spice, lots opf spice. It’s a very warming whiskey indeed with a subtle, well balanced sherry sweetness. Very nice!

We also got a hint of some new things coming out of Teeling soon!

Thanks to James Kilgannon, Teeling Whiskey Distillery Brand Ambassador, for joining us and emparting his wisdom!

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