Brig O’ Perth – Blair Athol 2011 11 Years Old Vino de Color’ Sherry Cask Finish 54.7% ABV (The Whisky Cellar).

brig o perth 11yo

Vino de Color, a mix of unfermented Pedro Ximinez grape juice and dark sherry is one of the oldest styles of Spanish Sherry wine, intensely sweet and syrupy. Casks of this type hardly ever come up for sale and, when this 150 years old cask did, we snapped it up. A mere 3-months in the cask has taken the weighty Blair Athol spirit into extreme Sherry Bomb’ territory.

Vino de Color Finish # 3078 (11 years old) | 467 bottles | 54.7% alc. | RRP €75.00

The Whisky Cellar


Quite a dark dram this, heading towards mahogany, the thick swirl line beads up immediately and drops medium thick legs. #TheWhiskyCellar


Instantly darker fruit notes here, figs and cloves, with cola cubes, a touch of struck match, black grapes, chocolate coated raisins, and now a real rich red cherry sweetness. #TheWhiskyCellar

Fudge, caramel, toffees, wood varnish, linseed, and old leather. #TheWhiskyCellar

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Lovely mouthfeel, and jeez that’s some flavour! Lashings of red berries leading to mince pie filling and Black Forest gateau, struck match again, but it’s faint. Dunnage, dandelion and burdock and a super roundedness. #TheWhiskyCellar

Eccles cakes, pontefract cakes, spicy and lively ginger, atomic gobstoppers, black coffee, some tannins, this is a big dram. #TheWhiskyCellar


Quite long, and chest warming with plenty of spices to keep the palate entertained for some time, lots and lots of stewed dark fruits still, mixed fruit strudel and chocolate custard, sweetened black tea. #TheWhiskyCellar

My thoughts

I genuinely hope folk get to taste this whisky, because it is a huge sherry bomb of a dram, it’s spicy and juicy, without a hint of sulphur anywhere. The comments and tasting notes from the tasting it was a part of where conclusive, it’s a banger of a dram, with a good ABV to it, for around £75 it is a huge bottle of flavours.

I think The Whisky Cellar have excelled themselves here, and i’m sure the bottles wont last long, i know a few whisky folk who ordered bottles on the strength of what many on the tasting said, many of whom are fellow whisky bloggers too. I would without a doubt have a bottle, and i know it would go too quickly.

A big thank you goes out to @whisky_cellar, @TweetTastings, and @TheWhiskyWire for letting me take part in the tasting this bottle was a part off. For transparency, this sample was sent to me free of charge, this in no way impacts on my review of it.

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