Bruichladdich 12yo 2009 Micro Provenance Israeli Caberbernet Sauvignon cask 12yo 62.4% ABV.

bruichladdich 12yo micro provenanace 2009

An exclusive release from Bruichladdich for the UK Aqua Laddie Crew. This 12 year old release was originally distilled in 2009. This was then laid down in Warehouse 14 where it matured for over a decade in a cask that previously held Cabernet Sauvignon wine from Israel. This cask choice imparts an sensational flavour profile and colour to the final liquid. As with all releases in the Micro Provenance series, this is a single cask specifically selected to highlight how Islay’s unique terroir, maturation conditions, wood and barley choices ultimately influence the final liquid. One of only 276 bottles.

Bruichladdich whisky


Lighter than mid gold in colour, the medium thick swirl line drops several thick legs that beads up as they fall.


Now, this dram is 62.4% ABV, it sounds like a monster doesn’t it. Well it’s undoubtedly strong, but the nose isn’t slapping me ABV wise. Knowing the cask type I kind of expected certain aromas. Initially on pouring I didn’t get the expected aromas, but after 20 minutes I am.

Red fruits are now coming through, cereals are coming with them, raspberry or redcurrant tarts. As it develops it offers an earthiness, with evergreen boughs. Old style putty oil mixes nicely with the fruits, and smelling it with a mouth open I can taste it on my palate.

More time and the red fruits become stronger. Cranberries and cherries, with almonds and marzipan.

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Straight away it’s spicy, and the ABV much more prominent here. The mouthfeel is of medium viscosity, and the red berries are all here like the nose. It does come across like new make spirit actually, I’m finding it very fruity, with some drying and tannins.

Waiting longer and everything from the start of the palate is elevated in strength. Red liquorice brings more sweetness, black coffee and slightly over toasted bread with the tannins bring some bitterness towards the end. I’m finding it easily drinkable to be honest, but may add a drop of water to see what happens.

With a few drops of water added it becomes even spicier. I’d say we’re headed into raspberry pavlova, cola cubes, and a floral sort of direction. It’s all red fruits and light bitterness.


It’s still spicy and is quite long in length. The red berries turn towards cough candy/ aniseed twists. The sides of my tongue are tingling now, pop tarts come to mind, and cinnamon.

bruichladdich distillery

My thoughts

We have a whisky with a very high ABV from a very reputable Islay distillery. One iv’e had sitting in my sample drawer for some time, and i was in the mood for rooting around right at the back of said drawer, and it came to see the light of day, at last.

All the signs we positive in my mind for this dram, as much as i needed to stay neutral, it comes with an expectation. I can very happily report that those expectations were surpassed in my humble opinion. This bottle has everything i expected and more. The ABV is very quaffable, it’s not an atomic dram, though don’t get me wrong, it’s no lightweight either. I enjoyed it from the first smell to the dying of the finish, both the nose and palate are very nice indeed.

The only thing i will say is that i don’t think it’s for someone new to whisky, sensory overload could easily ensue. For the more experienced whisky this could very well be a hidden gem, at a price though. Id imagine it’s largely all gone now, and i think it was available for around £110, it offers a lot for the money, and it’s one i’d very happily enjoy another dram of.

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