Bulleit 10 45.6% ABV

bulleit 10

Aged in charred American white oak, select Bulleit Bourbon barrels were set aside to age for 10 years.

Appearance: OK, Bulleit 10 appearance: Again, a lovely autumnal orange bronze colour. A decent viscosity with a thick swirl line and good pronounced legs.

Nose: The nose on this is more wood, leather and hotel smoking lounge. There’s almost a smoky edge to it. There is a caramel/brown sugar sweetness, but it’s very well balanced. Smoked Maraschino cherries (if that’s even a ‘thing’), maybe lime? confectionary sugar, that sweet shop foam sweets smell and vanilla. The nose on this is much friendlier, less spicy and more subtle than the WT101. It does nose at a higher ABV. Punches above its weight in that respect. Flapjack oatyness.

Palate: Ooh, there’s a mouldy, stale quality to this one, that’s disappointing. Quite viscous, a tad drying but that odd characteristic of something past its best is offputting. It tastes like my nan’s house used to smell like it’s been layed on by a cat for hours. I’m really not a fan of this palate, shame as I really liked the nose.

Finish: Drying, cat, some cherry and vanilla, but not enough to save it. SHort to medium in length.

Overall: Really not for me. Started off well with a friendly nose that promised so much. Unfortunately, the palate is a huge letdown and not one I’d like to try again

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