Bunnahabhain 18Yr Old, 53.4% ABV.

bunna 18

From Chorlton Whisky, independent bottlers, (Blind tasted).

This bottling was blind tasted during the Blind Tasting Consortium session #8 on 20/2/21. To look up past tastings or follow future tastings check out #BlindDrams, using Tweetdeck is the best way.

blind tasting consortium
indie disco

Appearance – This whisky is mid gold in colour, very viscous on the swirl line, syrupy thick and reluctantly drops thick legs, like a ripple.

Nose – This is different, straight in with old style shoe Polish, linseed oil putty, cola cubes, wood varnish, it’s dusty too. A mechanics workshop/builders workshop for me. Definitely some dunnage coming through, earthiness and old/damp wood, and menthol too now.

Palate – Another spice monster, even more so, cola cubes, ginger, oak, dark chocolate, figs, cinnamon, black pepper, there is a sweet note, cream soda, but mostly dark fruits for me, warming and spicy, @gordonsmith63 i bet your loving this mate.

Finish – Long, warming, spicy not unlike #2 for me to be honest, all dark fruits, nice mouthfeel, a touch of tropical fruits, some oak, but nicely balanced, dark chocolate. The drying glass is lightly Smokey.

My thoughts – Yes another very nice whisky, sadly its out of my general price range, but whisky wise yes it’s a super drop.

Would i buy a bottle? – If i found it at a price better suited to my budget, i certainly would, it’s very enjoyable.

Thanks to – @MaltMusings and @stewedwhisky (Twitter).

Indie Disco banner courtesy of @JWBassman_ (Twitter).

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