Bushmills 10, 43% ABV (1980’s bottling).

BUSHMILLS 10yr old (1980's).

Appearance – This whiskey is light to mid gold in colour, it’s very viscous on the glass, and has syrupy slow thick legs.

Nose – Smelling it from the sample bottle it gives off banana notes, but once it’s in the glass there’s lots of fresh green apple, with tinned fruit cocktail, honey, pineapple and cocktail cherries, there’s also a menthol freshness, royal icing, and there’s a dustiness that cloaks everything.

Palate – It’s quite oily in flavour and texture, sugar coated jelly sweets, sweet lemon, apricots, and pineapple cubes, the green apple is still there, and there’s a white pepper spiciness, the menthol comes through from the nose also, the palate in general feels higher than 43% ABV, and the spiciness slowly builds up.

Finish – It’s very long and spicy, it’s slowly becoming bitter lemon, with white pepper, lemonade, chilli’s and dark chocolate.

My thoughts – This is a super drop of whiskey, I was drinking it myself back in the 80’s and had forgotten just how spicy this drop is, it’s been a wonderful opportunity to try it again, and if you haven’t, we’ll perhaps you should try and find one, it’d be worth it.

Would I buy a bottle? – Definitely, it’s a lovely whiskey, that I’d happily sit and sip.

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