Cameronbridge 1989 30yo, 57.9% ABV (Blind tasted).

cadenheads cameronbridge
Cask TypeHogshead
RangeAuthentic Collection
Spirit RegionLowlands
Spirit ReleaseSummer 2019 Batch 2
Spirit TypeSingle Grain Whisky
Wood TypeBourbon
Year Distilled1989

Tasted as part of the Blind Tasting Consortium session 11 (A dram too far) on 29/05/2021.

blind tasting consortium
a dram too far


Leaning towards mid gold in colour here, it beads up quickly on the swirl line, and creates a overall film and medium legs.


I’m going foresty with this one again, with wood varnish, and cut grass, and it’s definitely a higher abv. There’s also a touch of perfume, and dustiness.

With more time in the glass i’m getting grapefruit, guava, and more wood treatments. I’m thinking some of the smells in the back of a painter and decorators van. There’s toast now, and tobacco leaves too.


Surprisingly fruity, with lemons and pineapple, and a little spirity too. It’s quite hot again for me, with a higher abv. Then there is spiciness. That’s dates and cloves, anise, aniseed,and dark chocolate mixed with icing sugar and lemon bon bons. Not a bad palate for me.


Dark chocolate, black pepper, chillis,ginger nuts again, black liquorice, espresso, and cask char.

My thoughts

This was the 2nd blind dram during the tasting, and again i quite liked it. It certainly isn’t a complex dram but it does have some nice aromas and flavours. I gave this 3 out of 5, tied first place.

Would i buy a bottle?

That’s a tough question to be honest, when i tasted it i said that i might buy one, but finding out afterwards that it’s around £80 it doesn’t come cheap, and i most likely wouldn’t buy one, i have other whiskies i’d rather spend the money on to be honest.

Thanks to – @MaltMusings for the bottle pictures, and @jwbassman for the “A dram too far” picture, follow both below on Twitter.

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