Cameronbridge 1991 28yo Douglas Laing, 52.6% Sherry Cask (Blind tasted).


A series from Douglas Laing for 2020, Single Cask releases at their finest.  Sherry butt – cask DL14190.

Tasted as part of the Blind Tasting Consortium session 11 (A dram too far) on 29/05/2021.

blind tasting consortium
a dram too far


Mid gold in colour, it beads up on the swirl line, and leaves small droplets and an even coating on the glass.


Damn i’m sure that’s sulphur again, cap gun caps, menthol, lettuce, xmas pudding and stewed dark fruits, black tea.

i’m getting grains too with this one, guava again, well toasted tea cakes, old style shoe polish, caramac bars.


Tobacco leaves, anise, cardamom, nutmeg, dunnage, earthiness, damp foliage, there is a nice sweetness to it also, cherryade, dandelion and burdock, and sulphur, such a shame.


Medium length, lots of darker heavier notes like the palate, with black peppercorns and high cocoa content dark chocolate.

My thoughts

I have to say that for whisky many whisky drinkers this will be a really down and dirty sherry butt dram, and i’m annoyed to be honest that the whisky has been left to gain so much sulphur on the palate. This is the 2nd bottle of grain whisky from Douglas Laing that iv’e found quite a lot of sulphur in.

There are without doubt lovely aromas and flavours in it, but for me the sulphur becomes overpowering, once iv’e found it i find it impossible to work around it, such a shame. I gave this whisky 1 out of 5 on the tasting.

Would i buy a bottle?

It’s a no from me, i know others love a dirty sulphurous drop of whisky, if you do you may like this bottling, each to their own i guess.

Thanks to – @MaltMusings for the bottle pictures, and @jwbassman for the “A dram too far” picture, follow both below on Twitter.

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