Cameronbridge Haig Clubman, 40% ABV.

haig club clubman

Tasted as part of the Blind Tasting Consortium session 11 (A dram too far) on 29/05/2021.

blind tasting consortium
a dram too far


Just a touch lighter than mid gold in colour, syrupy swirl line, medium thick legs.


Lighter on the nose, cut grass, menthol, spirity again, custard creams, ethanol, seared pineapple rings, a slightly meaty note, very faint cherry note too.


Furniture polish, lemon meringue, it’s very light tbh. Vanilla, and I’m struggling a little with this one to be honest, it’s very light on flavours throughout.


Short/medium in length, char, oak, grapefruit, chilli’s, mint Aero choc bar.

My thoughts

I really did struggle with the vagueness of this whisky, try as much as i could i just couldn’t find much on the palate, the nose and finish are the best parts, its kind of neutral, though would most likely mix well.

Would i buy a bottle?

No its not for me. I very rarely drink whisky mixed, i prefer it neat, so i just don’t have a reason to buy one to be honest, though i’m sure others will have a use for it.

Thanks to – @MaltMusings for the bottle pictures, and @jwbassman for the “A dram too far” picture, follow both below on Twitter.

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