Campbeltown Loch Blended Malt Whisky 46% ABV


This wonderful maritime blended malt whisky is from J&A Mitchell of Springbank Distillers Ltd. It’s named after the sea loch in Campbeltown, probably to give the folk ballad with the same title (Oh Campbeltown Loch, Ah wish ye were whisky!) a little more truth.

It’s a little peculiar in that it incorporates every malt from the Campbeltown region.

Appearance: Old gold. A medium swirl mark forms, morphing into teardrops and droplets, along with a thin film and thin to medium legs.

Nose: Very sweet with that dunnage damp funk. Along with the sweetness, there’s an ashtray smoke and a slight mineral aroma.
There’s something like a very sharpness running through the layers and showing up on the odd sniff too.

Palate: A semi-viscous mouthfeel. More spice on the palate than the nose would suggest, also a touch drying on the tongue.
A distant beach fire, BBQ meats and buttered toast are all in the mix, it does actually taste like a mashup of the Campbeltown whiskies, like if you took your favourites and started an infinity bottle.
As well as the well-known Campbeltown flavours there’s also a mild chilli great that grows as you move through the dram.
I don’t get much funk at all, which is odd given that this is a blend of Campbeltown malts.

Finish: Medium in length. The drying lingers, as does the buttered toast, ashtray and fruit ripple. All the other flavours from the palate make it to the finish and fade together.

Overall: Is a lovely easy sipper and very moreish. It’s not amazing though. If you can find it for the original rrp of about £40 then yes, happy days, if you can’t, don’t pay the secondary inflated flippers prices, it’s not worth that much.

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