Canmore Single Cask Bunnahabhain 12yo 46% ABV

Canmore Single Cask Bunnahabhain 12yo

Bucking the trend of the other Canmore Single Casks, this whisky was matured in a sherry butt, is NCF and an outrun of 913 bottles

Appearance: Tizer amber. A substantial tide mark and thick trails appear immediately upon swirling. A thick film forms and clings to the glass for ages. After a while, the swirl line morphs into a series of teardrops.

Nose: Plastic toy figures (Action Force!)/new innertube. A decent hit of alcohol, the most from the 46% drams we’ve tried this evening. Oak and sherry trifle notes emerge next, along with sponge cake and custard. Sulphur appears after a short while, but subtle and not offputting. As the dram matures, the sherried oak grows. It’s a proper winter night’s dram.

Palate: A lovely mouthfeel, plenty of that sherried oak (maybe more oak than sherry), sugar cane and a pepper tingle. It reminds me of the Ron Roble Viejo 12 Year Old rum. The sugary sweetness and a growing dark chocolate mellowness add another layer to this already complex dram. Steeped cherries and vanilla ice cream join the flavour circus next.

Finish: The sherried oak and chocolate linger for a medium amount of time. A subtle black pepper tingles too.

Overall: Love it, my favourite of the single cask range. I would happily buy a bottle.

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