Canmore Single Cask Glen Garioch 12yo 46% ABV

Canmore GlenGarioch 12yo

From the Highlands, the Canmore Glen Garioch 12yo. Aged in an ex-bourbon barrel, NCF and an outrun of 287 bottles.

Appearance: Light gold/summer honey. The swirl line quickly beads and starts to morph into many teardrops. A decent viscous film clings to the glass. It’s an inviting appearance.

Nose: Mixed nuts, toffee, sponge cake and Black Jacks. This nose threw me a bit, the first sniff was very odd! A vegetal element emerges after a time, along with a strange polish or chemical note. I’m not a fan of the nose on this one. After a while, a more mellow semolina aroma emerges, which is a nice addition.

Palate: A semi-viscous mouthfeel. Aniseed, cinnamon and nutmeg, along with honey, some Christmas spices and those mixed nuts (possibly salted). Again, a chocolate note appears (this time more of a bitter chocolate) together with oak and a slight basement damp funk. There’s a creeping wood dryness too, nothing too distracting, but noticeable. Spice builds in the form of a mild chilli tingle and the initial aniseed, now becoming hot.

Finish: The funk, chocolate and various spices all last a little time before fading. There’s the slight chilli tingle right at the end.

Overall: I am not a fan of the nose on this one, but glad I persisted to the palate and beyond. It’s quite an unusual whisky, but one I’d happily explore again. I get the impression it delivers something new each time it’s poured.

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