Caol ila 10yr old, 60.1% ABV.

sipping shed caol ila 10

The Sipping Shed exists for the love of whisky. The history, the places, the people, the process, the unforgettable taste… the story of whisky. We wanted to tell that story our way, with our whisky and so The Sipping Shed was born…


Appearance – Light straw/ white wine in colour, it’s very viscous on the glass and has medium thick legs.

Nose – More of a bonfire ash here, cereals and pastry note, light bbq sauce, cola.

Palate – BBQ fire ash, red berries like the nose, coastal air, sea spray on the lips and tip of tongue, I also get sweet lemon and royal icing, no mater how much peat there is they still persist, lovely dram.

Finish – Long side of medium, oak, bbq bonfire ash, slightly herbaceousness, quite oily too, and sea spray caught in the mouth, a belter imho.

My thoughts – Yep another super drop, a super Caol ila tbh, all the distillery DNA is there to enjoy, bucketsful of flavour, not one for the feint hearted though.

Would i buy a bottle? – As i have got to the stage of appreciating a full on whisky flavour i would definitely buy a bottle, it is an absolute belter of a dram.

Notes – This bottling is presented in its natural colour, non chill filtered, and at cask strength.

Many thanks to – Dan Hipshon, founder of The Sipping Shed.

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