Caol ila 13yo Cask #CM207 55% ABV (Golden cask).

caol ila 13yo golden cask


Very light gold, white wine like, it has a nice thick swirl line and drops a handful of slow medium thick legs. #forpeatssake


Minerals with coastal notes and a more floral peat than I remember smelling from any Caol ila I’ve tried before. Rose water and mineral water, and slightly perfumed, it’s certainly a different Caol ila for me. #forpeatssake


Mouthfeel is decent, and it’s a spice boy for me, plenty of peat, but lots of cinnamon, root ginger, hot mashed potatoes, fruit cocktail syrup, there is a coastal fee but it’s quite light. #forpeatssake

More time and it’s just becoming fruitier, red berries, a little new make like too. Late on I get dark chocolate and espresso, cigar leaves and some dunnage. #forpeatssake


Quite long length wise, plenty of peat and fruit, staying strong too, plenty of ooomph. #forpeatssake

My thoughts

There’s not much to say here to be honest, this is a full on Caol ila monster. Yes i really enjoyed it, and yes i’d very happily have a bottle for my whisky cupboard 🥰.

A big thank you goes out to Duncan for sending this sample out for the tasting this review is a part of, and to Mike and Paul for the use of their tweets in this review. They, as well as us, can be followed on twitter using the buttons below.

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