Caol ila 2008 12yo STR barrique Electric coo 54.1% ABV

This single malt from the Caol Ila distillery on Islay was distilled in March 2008 and matured in a single STR barrique for 12 years,  was bottled in 2020 at 54.1% ABV.

The Electric Coo Series is a new range of whiskies by Mark Watt and David Stirk for the Campbeltown Whisky Company. Fun fact: ‘stirk’ is a word for a young cow, and of course ‘watt’ is a measurement of electricity, hence ‘Electric Coo’


The lightest of tonight’s drams, lighter than mid gold in colour for sure. It has a nice thick swirl line on my Glencairn, which drops a handful of slow thick legs. #thewhiskeychaps


Now, this one is much more medicinal for me, Germoline is very prominent. There is a lot of sweetness too for me, perhaps lime, then sweet cherries into strawberry laces, again a hint of eucalyptus. There are floral aromas with this one. #thewhiskeychaps

With time this dram becomes ketchup on cooked bacon, pineapple chunks. #thewhiskeychaps

caol ila logo


Lovely mouthfeel, and spicy with hot mashed potatoes, botanicals, white pepper, and an open fire with cooked meat juices on the coals. It is becoming fruitier too, red apple skins, grapefruit pith, some drying, and red liquorice. #thewhiskeychaps


Long side of medium, and a big finish for me. Lots of spice, lots of fruit, more drying, mocha coffee, a very faint sweet perfume/floral thing, it stays nicely on the palate before slowly fading. #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

Like my whisky chaps partner i have come to enjoy STR cask whiskies. I know that the casks are initially a little tired and need the STR process to revive them to a degree, but we enjoy them in general. This was my first encounter with Electric Coo, and it was a very positive one, i will definitely be trying more from them in the future.

This particular Caol ila is very nice, nothing out of place, and plenty of what you hope to get from spirit and cask. Would i purchase a bottle? I certainly would, i really enjoyed it.

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