Caol Ila 2008 12yo STR Barrique Electric Coo 54.1% ABV

Caol Ila 2008 12yo STR Barrique Electric Coo

This 12 yo Caol Ila was bottled by Campbeltown Whisky Company Ltd. (CWCL) for their electric coo series.

Appearance: Tarnished gold. A hairline swirl mark quickly forms and beads up into teardrops. Thin trails form within the semi-viscous film.

Nose: A nicely judged ABV, obvious but not overwhelming. Subtle smoke and a dried fruit note balance nicely. Caramel or butter toffee. After a time there’s a richer, more chocolaty aroma.

Palate: A really nice buttery mouthfeel. Spice-forward with black pepper and cinnamon. honey, BBQ meats, particularly caramelised steak mix with a nice wispy smoke. A background citrus note also develops as the dram matures. The general fruit sweetness from the nose is reflected on the palate, with those rich dried fruit and caramel notes.

Finish: The spice, smoke and caramel sweetness linger for a medium amount of time. The chest-warming calling card of these Caol Ila’s also appears and persists for some time.

Overall: A lovely indy Caol Ila. Plenty going on and a lovely balance of flavours.

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