Caol Ila 8 yo Port Octave Meeting of The Minds 51.1% ABV

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Bottled by North Star Spirits, this is a one-off run of 60 bottles, from a Port Octave and bottled at 51.1% ABV.

Appearance: Dark honey. A beaded swirl mark and an abundance of teardrops and thin to medium legs. Fairly viscous appearance.

Nose: Light menthol, limoncello, sweet smoke and a barley edge too. It’s almost like a dessert wine/whiskey cross-over.

Palate: Decent mouthfeel. Drying and a touch bitter at first. Some rich sweetness in the form of plums and orchard fruits. Quite a heady ABV that warms the chest and sits there. A butter pastry element balances the palate nicely and adds a mellowness.
That smokiness just flows along beneath the richer sweeter notes too, I like it.

Finish: The plums and rich fruity notes, along with slight cooling mint and the smoke linger a medium amount of time. It’s a good finish.

Overall: I like it, I would buy a bottle at auction if I saw one, but these are few and far between!

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