Caol ila 8 yr old Càrn Mòr Oloroso butt 47.5% ABV.

caol ila carn mor

This whisky was tasted as part of our Whiskey Chaps Blind tasting #7, with @WhiskyWizard31 from the Amateur Dram Addicts.


Beautiful dark amber with a pinkish, it beads up on the swirl line, and has syrupy slow thick legs.


I’m getting red apple skins, cooked meats and strawberries first off, it’s quite fruity initially, and they come together so nicely. With more time there’s lots of smoke and some bonfire ash, black cherry syrup, and cooked bacon and BBQ sauce.

With more time in the glass it becomes lightly medicinal with germoline, then becomes dusty. Stoned fruits, apricots and nectarines start to come forward, and it becomes slightly floral, meadow flowers in summer time.


This is good, and it’s so punchy flavour wise, it also has a super mouthfeel, almost to the point of being sticky. Straight away it’s ashy and smokey, with bbq sauce, and there are hints of medicinal notes here too.

Peat and smoke start to increase in strength now, and plums, dates, figs, and black cherries bring a veritable dark fruit bowl to the dram. Cask char, black treacle, espresso, and star anise lead it towards the finish with some bitterness and warming spices.


The finish is long, lingering, spicy, inviting and comforting. It’s definitely one to bring a smile to the face, one of those “aaah” moments when you know your tasting a winner.

Flavour wise think fruit cake mixed with smoke and ash. Espresso and char bring plenty of bitterness before the dram slowly fades away

Notes – This whisky is presented in its natural colour and is non chill filtered.

My thoughts

Raising the glass to my nose i could tell i was going to enjoy this Dram, the depth and boldness came across straight away, that “aaah” smile was beaming across my face before i even tasted it.

I have to say that the whisky and cask have been married perfectly for me, the balance is spot on, both the whisky and the cask can be smelt and tasted, neither overpower the other, it is a delight, and i detected no sulphur either, always a plus for me, i can be left to thoroughly enjoy whats in the glass. One thing is missing from the Caol lia, the petrichor flavour, i’m guessing the Sherry neutralises it, its not a huge loss for me, but i did notice it had gone.

Again Carn mor have bottled another belter in my opinion, and to be honest i’ve yet to be let down by a bottling from them, it’s another that’ll be missed once it’s gone.

Would i buy a bottle?

110% i would, as i said previously i knew it was going to be a belter as i raised the glass to my nose, just had that feeling that i was really going to enjoy it. I thank Tristan for sending this out to me/us, it is very generous of him to do so, and i got to enjoy a super whisky.

Thanks to – @WhiskyWizard31.

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