Caol ila 8yr old, 56.2% ABV

caol ila 8yr old

Refill Hogshead matured and Madeira Wine Barrique Finished #325887 – Distilled February 2012/ Bottled February 2021by The Whisky Cellar Independent bottlers.

Tasted as party of the @TweetTastings for @whisky_cellar on twitter on 31/3/2021.


This whisky is mid gold in colour with a slightly pink hue? a lovely thick swirl line, and very slow medium legs.


Yeah, Caol ila. Medicinal, with Germoline, it’s meaty, with BBQ sauce, bonfire ash, and cooked salty bacon, a very nice first impression. Foam bananas, cream soda, some salinity and tomato sauce/ ketchup sit just behind the more dominant aromas. Sweet cherry flavoured kids cold medicine finish off the nose nicely.


Fruity straight off it has a nice mouthfeel, syrupy. Red berries and red apples arrive initially, then quickly followed by bonfire ash, bbq sauce and cooked meats, and some Germoline. These notes are not as strong as they are on the nose. Definitely reminds me of another whisky, which I like. HP sauce, and grapefruit/ pomelo see the palate out before the finish.


Nice and long and lingering for me, it lasts quite a while. It is similar to the palate tbh, which is wonderful in my opinion. A touch more salinity and petrichor are here too, both of which i get regularly with Caol ila whiskies.

My thoughts

Another cracker of a Caol ila whisky for me. I do like Caol ila in general, and this finish does impart a nice twist into what is already a very good whisky for me. I enjoyed very much.

Would i buy a bottle?

It’s another yes from me. There’s no denying the fact that i already like Caol ila whisky. This finish has certainly left it’s imprint on this whisky, which makes it a refreshing Caol ila for me.

Thanks to – @whisky_cellar, @Tweettastings, @TheWhiskyWire and @kinogodt, (all Twitter and can be followed below.)

Image credit – @TheWhiskyWire

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