Cask Islay 46% ABV small batch. (A.D.Rattray).

cask islay
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A classic, peated single malt, capturing the spirit of Islay and the warmth found in the people, the land and the whisky they craft.

Matured in Bourbon.

Non-chill filtered. Natural colour.

700ml / 46% Alc./Vol.



Light gold in colour, with a medium thick swirl line in my copita glass, and several slow thick legs. 


Straight away the glass is throwing lots of peat at me, and bacon with a sweet honey glaze. The guy next to me is eating nuts, initially I thought peanuts, but now I’m thinking almonds. I’m also getting a lovely dill pickle and eucalyptus combo, goes superbly with the sweet honey glazed bacon joint. A plate of sliced tropical fruits is here too, pineapples, lemons, apricots and guava.

More time and it’s more leaving the bbq and walking into the woods close by, but still smelling the bbq smoke. Evergreen boughs are here and a damp earthiness as I’m strolling along. There are also quite a lot of botanical aromas too, does the other half have a gin on the go?


The palate is a mouthful of peanuts for me, followed by a BBQ with hickory sticks cooked bacon. The mouthfeel is ok, not oily but not watery either, and there are spices coming through now. Along with black pepper, there is black liquorice, a cup of mocha, with a sweetness which reminds me of the hubba bubba pink bubble gum from the 70’s. 

Waiting further and there’s salinity on the tip of my tongue, and someone close by has used  germoline. Finally I’m out of the woods and walking around on the dry grass, and getting aromas from dried cereals from a farmers field. 


The finish is medium long, and continues much like the bulk of the palate, I’ll add cask char and sweetened espresso with with golden syrup.

My thoughts

This whisky is exactly what it says on its label, and at 46% ABV it has plenty going on, both the nose and palate are full on, especially the peanut flavour, very nice indeed. I’d happily have a bottle in my cupboard.

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