Casks of Lindores Sherry Butts 49.4% ABV


The third addition to Lindores Abbey’s The Casks of Lindores series. This limited bottling spent its entire maturation in oloroso sherry butts sourced from the area surrounding Jerez in Spain.

Appearance: Proper dark amber, pretty much brown. It looks delicious! A thin film forms on the glass with a few medium legs, sporadic teardrops and a beaded swirl mark.

Nose: Quite a lot of the new make is still evident in this one. That malty berry combination. There are some nice ‘deeper’ and richer notes too, from that sherry butt. Cinnamon, sugary stewed fruit pie, pastry and vanilla. Plums and ‘Fruit and Nut’ chocolate now, these are nice aromas! The most subtle hint of sulphur, just a distant whiff of s struck match (not a negative).

Palate: A nice mouthfeel. The sulphur note is more evident on the palate and is accompanied by fruit pie, chocolate and plum flavours. A pepper element warms the tongue but is balanced by berry sweetness and fruit syrup. There’s a nice layered depth of flavour to the palate: the subtle pepper heat, sweet spices, berry sweetness and mellow chocolate.

Finish: Chocolate, pepper and berry sweetness linger longest, for a medium amount of time. There’s a touch of orange segment right at the end of the finish too.

Overall: My favourite Lindores so far. It has good depth and layers to explore. I really enjoyed the Christmas feel of this one.

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