Casks of Lindores STR Wine Barrique 49.4% ABV


‘The Casks of Lindores Abbey’ Series, is a limited-edition series of single malts, comprised of whiskies that have been aged for three years exclusively in a single cask type; STR Wine Barriques, Oloroso Sherry Butts and Bourbon Barrels.
This release is matured exclusively in Shaved, Toasted and Recharred Red Wine Barriques from Spain.

Appearance: Autumn leaf amber. A chaotic swirl mark of beads and teardrops quickly forms, and the semi-viscous film slowly morphs into a series of medium legs.

Nose: The ABV is fairly gentle, given the near 50% strength. Not necessarily a bad thing as it doesn’t interfere with the nose and allows the individual notes to come through. A much richer experience than the MCDXCIV. Plenty of varying fruits, from red and blackberries to Christmassy icing sugar-dusted dried fruits. lemon peel, vanilla and caramel too. Some oak offers a woody balance to the berry fruits’ sweetness.

Palate: A pleasing mouthfeel, not hugely oily but it does have some viscosity. That sweet oak is there on the palate too but is also a touch drying. Vanilla, caramel and Christmas spices (cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg). Those orchard fruits, which seem to be a calling card of the drams tried tonight, is present and coated in a sugar sweetness. A very gentle chilli heat tingle builds.

Finish: Short to medium. Oak dryness, vanilla and some berry sweetness linger.

Overall: It’s ‘OK’. I’m not a huge fan of that dryness and the oak element is too strong here.

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