Chaos batch #2 50% ABV North Star Spirits

chaos #2

Batch #2, released in early 2021, Islay Single malt scotch whisky. 1400 Bottles were available world wide. Matured in both Port octaves and American oak casks. 4 Ruby port octaves + 1 Refill HHD +1 Butt Blended together and taken down to 50%.



An orange mid gold colour here, a nice thick swirl line with a few medium thick legs and teardrops. #thewhiskeychaps


This definitely a difference between 1 & 2, 2 seems better married, with some botanical notes but not as much as #1, the peat has more wood in with it here. Meatier than #1 too. #thewhiskeychaps


Again nice mouthfeel, and a sweetness straight away. The peat is coming across more floral this time, it’s also spicier that #1. Meadow flowers, perfume, some botanicals, not much petrichor this time. Guava, and lychees. #thewhiskeychaps


Long side of medium, and definitely a little sweeter for me than #1. pineapple, apricot pastry, then dates, figs, peated Xmas cake. #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

This was tasted along side Chaos batch’s #1 and #3, and like batch #1 this bottling is comprised of Caol ila casks. After tasting batch #1 it was quickly obvious to me that this bottling is better married, the flavours enhance each other, and the aromas and flavours were more to my liking to be honest. Saying all of this it still very much smacks of the Coal Ila “house style”, and i do prefer it ti Batch #1.

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