Charcoal & Cornmeal & Rickhouses &a Decade, 40% ABV.

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Atom Labs is a small team that is constantly busy innovating in the world of spirits, making the next big thing – or maybe it’s the big thing that’s after the big thing which is next. Honestly, we’re not always sure how many big things ahead they are. But what is for definite is that Atom Labs is an innovator, not a reinventor. You only need to look at the likes of Jaffa Cake Gin, Burnt Ends Blended Whiskey and Central Galactic Spiced Rum to know you should expect deliciousness galore, but be ready to be surprised! 

Atom Labs

This whisky was tasted during our Atom Labs whisky tasting.

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This bourbon is dark gold in colour, it has a nice thick swirl line and syrupy thick legs.


A touch of menthol kicks us off here, and a lovely black liquorice bitterness, for 40% ABV it’s quite spicy, more so than i expected. I’m getting lots of cooked meat here, mixed with a lovely cherry sweetness. And i feel like i’m sitting in an old leather chair, in a dusty old room, and the smell of wood varnish emanating from somewhere close by.

With more time in the glass there’s a fresh red apple skin note, and some stoned fruits. Apricots mainly and cereals/grains too, something akin to flapjack or cheesecake base, overall it’s a very pleasant and inviting nose.


Straight away i get a decent mouthfeel. And then for me a super tropical fruit sweetness, pineapple cubes, and mango slices. Lastly there’s cinnamon, vanilla custard, and pastries, vanilla crowns and cinnamon swirls would be close to what i’m getting here. The whole palate is nice and gently warming rather than a palate blaster, i’d imagine this is due to the 40% ABV.


The finish is nice and warming and long side of medium in length. There’s quite a good finish in this bourbon, with gently spicy ginger and cinnamon. Right at the end we have anise, dark chocolate, black pepper, oak, golden syrup, and grains/cereals, with a fruit cocktail sweetness that pops in and out, very nice.

My thoughts

At 40% ABV this is a very enjoyable Bourbon, for 10 years old it has enough aromas and flavours to keep you entertained. Price wise i don’t suppose it’s too bad, some 10 year old bourbons are cheaper, but they’re not indie bottlings, and this one is very sippable and quite easy going.

Would i buy a bottle?

During this tasting the question of “whether a cask strength bottling is likely to come to market” was asked, not as yet it seems, but we can hope, and for me as much as i enjoyed this Bourbon i would rather buy a cask strength version of it.

Thanks to – Laura Carl from Master of Malt for joining us for this tasting, and being able to give us more information and answering questions, it’s very much appreciated.

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